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SCOPE Career Talk Event 28/10/2019

Hello everyone 😁

There will be an upcoming SCOPE career event this Monday 28th October from 4-5pm in JA.314. Put it in your calendars!

Our invited speaker will be Dr Gabrielle Thomas, from MSquared Lasers and is currently an OSA Ambassador. She will give a talk about her career in Academia and Industry. Followed by an open discussion with tea, coffee and snacks.

It goes without saying, this would be a great opportunity to come gain some insight and advice about future prospects.

“For some the career choice after a research degree or a few years as a postdoc is a clear-cut decision. But for many the options aren’t clear and the reality of non-academic careers can seem a mystery. In this talk, I reflect on some of my own experiences and those of my peers in an attempt give some insight into a selection of career paths. Finally, I’ll share some resources and tips that I’ve found useful in my own job searches.”

See you all soon,

Journal Club 04/10/19

Hi everyone,

The next Journal Club will happen next Friday, 4th of October from 12pm -1pm in JA326. Our speaker will be Ben, who will present ‘Tumbling toast, Murphy’s Law and the fundamental constants’, which got the 1996 Ig Noble Prize for Physics. Looking forward to seeing many of you there! The abstract is as follows:

We investigate the dynamics of toast tumbling from a table to the floor. Popular opinion is that the final state is usually butter-side down, and constitutes prima facie evidence of Murphy’s Law (‘If it can go wrong, it will’). The orthodox view, in contrast, is that the phenomenon is essentially random, with a 50/50 split of possible outcomes. We show that toast does indeed have an inherent tendency to land butter-side down for a wide range of conditions. Furthermore, we show that this outcome is ultimately ascribable to the values of the fundamental constants. As such, this manifestation of Murphy’s Law appears to be an ineluctable feature of our universe.

We’re back!

Hi everyone, I’ve zhuzhed the website up!

P.S Come to our 2019 Pizza and Beer Night and meet the committee members, and come find out about SCOPE.

In the meantime, feel free to wander around the website.

See you all soon!