Glasgow Science Festival

June 2018

We ran a stand at Kelvingrove museum for the Glasgow Science Festival, which is family-friendly event that brings together many different Universities to talk some science! We showcased light interacting with various materials alongside a closer look at some cool properties of diamond. We also got the kids involved with a few easy hands-on activities: fluorescence in liquids, polarisation and crystal lattice building. A few different groups from Strathclyde Physics contributed towards this day.

The team at Kelvingrove, ready to talk some science!

We were blessed with excellent weather during the 2018 summer, which made for a perfect day out at Kelvingrove situated at the West End of Glasgow.

Image result for Kelvingrove museum
Kelvingrove museum… on a sunny day!

Science was all around us during the Glasgow Science Festival! Kelvingrove is home to an impressive resonance demostration a.k.a a big pipe organ. We found the kids enthusiastic, as enjoyed the playing with polarization light using waveplates, and they were up for the challenge to build a diamond lattice (which was trickier than it looked …).