Glasgow Science Festival

Glasgow Science Festival -June 2018

Part of the group at the Glasgow Science Festival.

We  run a stand at one of the family weekends where we showcased light interacting with various materials alongside a closer look at the properties of diamond. We also presented a collection of hands-on activities for entire families; demos looking at fluorescence, polarisation, crystal structures and lattice building. Our stand was also linked in small ways to some of the other groups from Strathclyde.

It was a really pleasant experience.

Here you have a collection of some of the most beautiful facts and moments:

  • The Glasgow Science Festival is inside of Kelvingrove Museum an incredible building in the West End of Glasgow.Image result for Kelvingrove museum
  • During the Festival we participated in a free Organ Concert.
  • Apparently kids and families have a strong interest in the polarisation of light.
  • Apparently we find a lot of pleasure explaining the polarisation of light to kids and families :).

We publish a few pictures to share our wonderful memories.