Journal Club

From early 2016 we have successfully run the Strathclyde’s Physics Journal Club fortnightly with really good acceptance and collaboration from the students involved. The aim of this activity was to both give the chapter members the opportunity to present some of the relevant papers in their field or more broadly in general interest science and also enhance the communication with other students, learning and talking about physics in a relaxed atmosphere. As many of the students were lacking this kind of activities in their own groups, we provided this student-run platform with great success.
Throughout the year, we had the chance to learn about a whole variety of physics subjects from quantum optics to optogenetics. The participants ranging from 10 to 20 people with high regularity chaired at least one session during this period. The presentation was usually 20 to 30 minutes long, followed by an informal discussion with some refreshments.
We consider that this activity is helping to develop a vital skill for junior scientists which is the ability to efficiently analyse and present a high-profile scientific paper.
We regularly asked for feedback to our participants and adapted the sessions to their needs. The atmosphere was really friendly during the sessions and we are certain that this activity will remain valued by the students in the coming years.
Here is a list of the talks given by SCOPE members in the Journal Club meetings:
DatePresentersTitle of the Talk
27th July 2017Fahim HabibTo Study Molecules with Free Electron Lasers
12th July 2017Liam WalkerThe New Wave of Pilot-wave Theory
28th June 2017Maria WeikumA biological laser out of a cell
26th April 2017Liviu ChirondojanA scalable neuristor built with Mott memristors
27th March 2017Giorgio BattaglioMeasurument of Impulsive Thrust from a Closed-Radio Frequency Cavity in Vacuum
9th March 2017Guanglei XuRecent Development from the IBM towards Quantum Computing
23rd February 2017Shouvik Kanti BhattacharyaA New Method in Gravational Lensing Used to Measure the Hubble Constant
8th December 2016Maria WeikumPhysics of Beer Tapping
24th November 2016Araceli Venegas GomezA Magnetic Wormhole
27th October 2016Jorge YagoHumans Running in Place on Water at Simulated Reduced Gravity
21st September 2016Antoine BoudetHigh-speed recording of neural spikes in awake mice and f lies with a f luorescent voltage sensor
1st June 2016Sharat Jawahar
10th May 2016Lewis ReidAnalysis of wakefield electron orbits in plasma wiggler
26th April 2016Maria WeikumFirst lasing and operation of Angstrom-wavelength free-electron laser
13th April 2016Anton BuyskikhQuantum phase transition from asuperØuid to a Mott insulator ina gas of ultracold atoms
30th March 2016Karolina KokurewiczPrinciple and applications of electron beams produced with laser plasma accelerators
16th March 2016Rosaria LenaQuantum clock: A critical discussion on spacetime
2nd March 2016Sharat JawaharGW150914: The Advanced LIGO Detectors in the Era of First Discoveries
17th February 2016Antoine BoudetMillisecond-timescale, genetically targeted optical controlof neural activity
2nd February 2016Jennifer RadtkeExperimental Realization of a Quantum Support Vector Machine
20th January 2016Jorge YagoDiamagnetic levitation: Flying frogs and floating magnets