Journal Club

We have run a bi-weeekly Physics Journal Club starting from 2016. Our aim was to give SCOPE members a chance to present relevant papers from their field or their interest, as well as a chance to present & communicate in front of an audience in a fairly relaxed atmosphere.
Tristan gives a talk about the differing views on quantum coherence.
We often gained insight into a whole variety of physics’ subtopics; from quantum optics, optogenetics, even to how to brew a perfect cup of coffee. We model a familiar colloquium setting: someone chairs the meeting, and the presentation usually lasts around 30 minutes including questions, followed by an informal discussion with refreshments. Repeated attendance levels are consistent to around 20 people.
The Journal Club especially helps junior scientists to sharpen their analytical skills, as it requires them to draw out the key points of a paper in a fairly short amount of time.
Here’s a list of the talks given in 2018:
Friday 26th January – Liam Walker presents:
Mastering the game of Go withouhuman knowledge
Friday 23rd February – Jacopo Surace presents:
Could the physical world be emergent instead of fundamental, and why should we ask?
Friday 13th April – Gioan Tatsi presents:
Information Erasure
(T. Croucher  et al.,
Friday 18th May – Tristan Kraft presents:
Dialogue Concerning Two Views on Quantum Coherence: Factist and Fictionist
(Stephen D. Bartlett et al.,
Friday 8th June – Enrico Sindici presents:
Experimental investigation of steam pressure coffee extraction in a stove-top coffee maker