18th November 2017 

Dark Sky Observatory 

Sky’s the limit!

On November 18th, SCOPE organised a night trip to the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory (SDSO) located in the edge of the Galloway Forest in Ayrshire. Twelve of our members got to enjoy an interesting indoor exhibition, then a lovely sky observation outdoors, with brilliantly the clear skies. The observation was guided by two members of the SDSO staff, operating two telescopes, one of which was inside an impressive 5-metre dome

We were able to observe some of the major objects in the Northern Hemisphere night sky including major constellations such as Cassiopeia, Orion or Pegasus, some galaxies like Andromeda and even the planet Uranus!

During the observation, we also learned about the process of observation itself. Moreover, we had the chance to practice some night photography with our cameras and the help of the SDSO scientists and their tripods.

The proximity of the facility to Glasgow provides a great opportunity to learn and get hands-on with some astronomical equipment. We also gained an awareness about light pollution that obstructs observation.


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